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I don’t know what I would do in this life without friends, without sisters, without mothers, without ancestors…
It has been from the hand of several women that I have learned vital issues of this world. A world where we used to compete with each other, forced into submission for decades, afraid of what we are, ashamed of ourselves and our power and authenticity; but today we raise our voices, we vindicate ourselves, today we are stronger! There is no competition anymore, we are a team, one side.

I am grateful to these modern times that have allowed us to question our relationships, how and why there is such a negative pattern in most interpersonal relationships between women, that rivalry and envy taught by culture, forgetting that we are sisters. Now we shine together, we understand that we are daughters of the same earth, I take care of you as much as you take care of me, I respect you, I treasure you, my soul venerates yours… for this reason, today I feel happy to know that I count on me, that I have myself to me and my only competition is myself, and if I feel alone, you will be my love, my friend.

I feel so full when we share our qualities and beauties without hostility, I like to make you feel like the most extraordinary, beautiful and fighting woman and that for that you deserve all the love, I like it when in my days of existentialism without overwhelming comments you hug me, I you accompany In you I take refuge, being with you I feel supported and I find peace, sharing as a friend, sister, mother and companion.

I like to be honest and transparent, to show myself fragile and naked in every way, because you respect me, you love me with kindness and understanding, because we are companions in life, we are important support for our paths. With you I overcome my fears, I become brave, you make me accept myself and feel admiration for me. Thank you partner for allowing me to shine with you, for being light with me, thank you for the complicity and reciprocity.

If you feel lonely, count on me… I’m your friend, I’m your sister.

We continue to maintain the intention of the project so that any woman can participate, recognize herself, see herself with more confidence, forget complexes and truly love herself.

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