The beginning


The idea started in 2016, when Katherine shared with Julian her desire to do a photo shoot in nature. After sharing it on social media, other girls were encouraged to participate.

The feeling


Secret Diaries emerged after listening to the positive experiences shared by them after the photo shoot.

The feeling of freedom, security and empowerment that marked the beginning of the acceptance of their bodies were the basis to start the project.

The name

Why secret diaries?

The word Diarios refers to the stories behind each woman, to those ideas or thoughts that they decide to tell. However, some of them received criticism and negative comments causing them to decide to use a pseudonym or take photographs without showing their faces. From there comes the connection between Diaries and Secrets, which together represent a safe space in which women decide freely about their bodies without feeling judged or exposed.

The sessions


Our sessions explore the world of women, telling stories through images that delve into their intimacy and are accompanied by thoughts, longings or anecdotes written by their protagonists.

The future


Besides continuing with the photo sessions so that any woman can participate, recognize herself, see herself with more confidence, forget complexes and really love herself, we are planning our first book.

If you want to help us to continue creating, you can enter each gallery and purchase our content.

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