Andrea's diary

«The ropes subtly slid through my body and little by little I witnessed the sensations that I longed to find and fully enjoyed the freedom that invited me to focus on my self-discovery and that of my sexuality…»


She: Andrea
Text: Ultrasaur
Ropes: Kumoshi
Photography: Julián Rodríguez
Video: Paula Castillo

My body

More than twenty women who have participated in our sessions talk about their bodies.


The relationship I have had with my body has been like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, where with a lot of effort and self-love I have managed to improve it…


I accept my body as a challenge, it is not easy or impossible. I accept the challenge of loving myself more every day…


If I have to take care of him, train and question my way of living, for my well-being, I will do it! My biggest challenge will be to love it and care for it like the sanctuary that it is…

Lina's diary

«I was in a different, curious and new place. I never thought to see myself here, so docile, so fragile: inevitably sensual; It is intriguing how my body secretly responds with all the power of my being wrapped in knots, colors and perfume…»


She: Lina Ocampo
Photography and ropes: Julian Rodriguez
Ropes: Kumoshi
Edition: María Paula Castillo
Music: REDproductions

Beyond the visible

The photo shoot was a very special and sensitive moment. She talks about a very complex process of a lot of pain and of finding herself, discovering herself and loving herself as she is.

It was a difficult decision to take the photos and take out that artistic side that has always been present, I thought that her body was not up to the established standards…


She: Jessica Corredor
Photography: Julian Rodriguez
Assistant: María Fernanda Álvarez
Video: Paula Castillo

Mariana's diary

«Sometimes I find myself in a mess, what is this to know each other? Could it be that if one reaches a state of peace with everything that represents being? it could be? Could it be that the day will come when he fully knows me? with fears, scars, desires, dreams, follies to fulfill…»


She: Mariana
Ropes: Kumoshi & Julian Rodriguez C.
Photography: Julian Rodriguez C.
Edition: María Paula Castillo

My shelter

«When the road fades and the past does not heal, when my presence seems invisible, when my feet touch the ground and reality clouds my vision, hurting my being… I take refuge in art to believe again, reconnect and enter into harmony with myself .

I take refuge in art because in it I find the possibility of being reborn.»


She: Kamy
Photography: Julián Rodríguez C.
Video: Paula Castillo

Express myself

Doing the session was like unlocking an artistic part that lives in me and that for years I have ignored, that for various reasons I ended up convincing myself that I was not capable of doing something beautiful, that because it is not within the expected stereotype then it is not right and It is not valid…


Model, Jessica
Photography, Julián Rodríguez
Text & Voice, Ultrasaur
Video, Paula Castillo
Music, Pixabay

I'm here

«It is time to separate myself from the fear of being seen, from the gazes of others that unfairly harass this naked body, this body that breathes, beats, contorts, that exists. It’s time to inhale… exhale. Break with the false prosecution of others that does not allow me to be, that separates me from the most unique containment. I return to the home that I will temporarily inhabit. I accept it convulsed, agitated, desperate, indomitable. I accept it charismatic, sensitive, wild, free…»


She: Sofia
Photography: Julián Rodríguez
Video: Paula Castillo

Beyond the visible

«I am a free woman, a renewed woman.
She is passionate about the art that is transmitted between strings.
I am a woman who likes to enjoy her own sensuality.
And she is not afraid to show what lives in her.
Every time I sink into the world of shibari my desires are conceived.
I am in love with that space of intimacy and fulfilled wishes…»


She: Adriana
Text: Ultrasaur
Ropes & Photography: Julián Rodríguez
Voice: Jenny Araque
Video: Paula Castillo


«Now I am a woman who has tremendous confidence in herself and in part I owe it to nudism. Nudism makes you open, sensitive, understanding; it represents acceptance, honesty, that perspective that makes harmony in your physical part, your part mental, your spiritual part and you stop feeling surrounded by so much paradigm, so much morbidity…»


She: Laura Carolina

Photography: Julián Rodríguez C.
Assistant: Sofia Castillo
Video: Paula Castillo

Self compassion

This photographic session with María Camila was carried out in the Farrallones de Sutatausa. A very beautiful place to be in contact with nature.

On this occasion, Maria Camila tells us why she wanted to do the photo shoot and also details of the problems she has had with her self-esteem and eating disorders that make it difficult for her to feel good about herself.


Text and model: María Camila
Photography: Julian Rodriguez C.
Assistant: Sofía Castillo
Edition: Paula Castillo
Music: Prabajith 

Shibari, my first experience

Continuing with the Secret Diaries photo sessions, Andrea shows us on this occasion her first experience in the art of Shibari.

After having participated in several photo shoots, she wanted to know about this Japanese art. In the video he tells us about the beginnings of this art, what it consists of, its variants and some interesting stories of the evolution of Shibari and how it was transformed from a torture method to an erotic and renovating experience.


She: Andrea Vasquez
Photography and ropes: Julian Rodriguez C.
Video: Paula Castillo