The forgotten amazement of being alive

Look above, yes! to heaven. Analyze how big the place where we live is.

Breathe deeply and think about how lucky you are to be here. Life is a miracle, you are a miracle. Every breath, every heartbeat is proof of the extraordinary complexity of life.

We neglect deep reflection on the enigma of our own presence, letting ourselves be carried away by routine and worries, forgetting how incredible it is to simply exist. We are the product of a series of improbable events that have given us the ability to reflect on the fragility of life.

Taking a moment to look at the sky and reflect on the immensity of the universe can reignite our capacity for wonder. Rediscovering this wonder helps us deeply value our environment and our daily experiences, recognizing the wonder in every small detail such as the “simplicity” of a flower, the song of a bird or the smile of a loved one, we will find reasons to be grateful. By giving thanks we connect with an essential part of our humanity, that which seeks meaning and beauty in everyday life.

Marvel and reestablish that intimate relationship with reality. Thus the act of observing the sky will not be a simple distraction, but a deep exercise in mindfulness that will allow us to reconnect with the very essence of what it means to be alive, appreciating existence at its maximum expression, finding inner peace and a renewed sense of purpose.

We continue to maintain the intention of the project so that any woman can participate, recognize herself, see herself with more confidence, forget complexes and truly love herself.

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