Feminine energy

Deep within me, I hold a power that has been repressed for too long. It is time to reconnect with my essence, with my primordial strength, with my innate wisdom.


In these photos, I join another woman in an act of intimacy and trust, tying us together with ropes that symbolize the union of our feminine energy. In this act of closeness, I find the empowerment that comes from recognizing and supporting myself on a path of healing of body and spirit.


Each knot we tie is a reminder of the strength that dwells deep within us. Each look we share is a gesture of love and complicity that reminds us that together we are stronger, wiser, more capable of healing and empowering each other.


May these images inspire all women to embrace their essence, celebrate their femininity and reconnect with their inner power. May they remind us that togetherness, closeness and mutuality are the keys that will unlock the doors to deep and transformative healing.


Let us continue to join forces, let us continue to walk together towards healing, empowerment and wholeness. Together, we rise, we strengthen, we heal. Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we are an invincible force.

We continue to maintain the intention of the project so that any woman can participate, recognize herself, see herself with more confidence, forget complexes and truly love herself.

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Lina and Mariana


Julian Rodriguez
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